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HBTF - Construction & Renovation of Multi Branches

Project Title

Construction & Renovation of various branches for the Housing bank including : Hawooz Branch / Bani Kennanh Branch / Al Karamah Branch / Renovation of Marka Branch / Renovation of Al Azraq Branch / Renovation of Al Petra Branch / Renovation of Al Salam Branch / Housing Bank General Manager office

Project Client

Housing Bank for Trade & Finance

Project Location

Irbid - Petra - Amman

Project Consultant

Consolidated Consultants, Minimalist HBTF Engineering Department

Project Description

Construction of New Branch works included but not limit to ; finishes , external facade, steel structure canopies , external works , HVAC, joinery & Furnishing . Renovation works included but not limited to ; HVAC , electrical , Finishes , Joinery, tiling , toilet retrofitting, false ceiling & furnishing

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